Retail Stores

Why Retail Stores Use Our Meats:

Natural Food stores and butcher shops across Indiana sell our meat because it sells!   We have numerous retail store customers that sell over $1,000 of product per week.

Our meats are cut fresh each week and cryovac packaged to give you a long shelf life.   Typical shelf life is 10 days + for most of our products.   Our schedule of ordering on Monday and delivering on Wednesday and/or Friday gives the retailer the ability to quickly adjust order quantities based on the previous weekends sales.

No case quantities!  We custom pack each order so you don't have to order in large case quantities or worry about receiving a case that has been sitting in a warehouse for days.   You can order 2 sirloin steaks, 2 ribeyes, 3 packages of sausage, etc.   We only ask for a minimum of $100 per order.

Brand Recognition - Finally our chef friends have promoted our products in some of the best restaurants across Indiana.   Selling a product that the customer saw on a top restaurant menu makes things easier.

How our Delivery Works

We use Piazza Produce to deliver twice weekly to all of our customers.

Order Timeline:

- Deliver on Wednesday - Order by Monday at Noon

- Deliver on Friday - Order by Monday 4pm

We do charge a $12 delivery fee to help offset the cost of delivery.   Also some products are not available on Wednesday (mostly sausage).   We view Friday as our main delivery day and Wednesday deliveries are made to restock any items that won't make it to Friday.   Some of our customers take delivery every Wednesday and Friday to reduce their inventory storage space.

Call Diana with any questions about ordering at 812-481-1411.   You can also email us at

If you are currently not a wholesale customer and would like additional information or to start purchasing, please fill out this form and we will send you a login to get started:

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